Love Stories

Wedding - Engagement - Elopement
Matteo Lomonte is your wedding photographer and is able to create the right atmosphere to your wedding stories.
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Jessica & James

Honeymoon in Positano

Positano \\ Amalfi Coast \\ Italy

Positano is known all over the world.

Soft colors houses perched on the mountain, the beach that looks down on them.


Francesca & Patrizio

Wedding in Masseria Fulcignano

Galatone (LE) \\ Apulia \\ Italy

Masseria Fulcignano is a unique, intimate and magical place, a very familiar environment. White and blue mix with the colors of the earth and the green of the prickly pear plants. Puglia re-breathes in every corner, and in the evening everything becomes magical with dinner in the open air under the lights.


Micol & Riccardo

Wedding in Masseria San Nicola

Savelletri \\ Apulia \\ Italy

A magnificent wedding in one of the coolest Masseria in Puglia.


Giulia + Nicolò

Wedding in Ostuni Masseria Masseria Tenuta Le Taverne

Apulia \\ Italy

I got lost in the photographic story of this love.

It was like walking along streets and alleys, to find yourself at the end in front of the immensity of the sea.

This is the feeling of Giulia and Nicolò: big and deep.


Carla + Nanni

Wedding in Masseria Torre Maizza

Apulia \\ Italy

Carla and Nanni, they are a special couple. One of those that you will remember forever, because their love overwhelms at the first glance.

A delicate and elegant link, soft like the Southern sky and passionate like the land of Puglia.


Giusy + Matteo

Wedding in Polignano a Mare

Apulia \\ Italy

Plenilunio Punta Paradiso – Plenilunio alla Fortezza


Andreea + Vlad

Elopement in Polignano a Mare

Apulia \\ Italy

Anreea e Vlad, a beautiful couple, two guys very sweets,

came frome Bucarest Romania to Italy…


Kirsten + Vanni

Wedding in Conversano

Apulia \\ Italy

 Kirsten and Vanni’s story,

from New York City to Apulia.


Monica + Giuseppe

Engagement on the snow

Piancavallo \\ Italy

Engagement of Monica and Giuseppe was unforgettable,

in the whites of the Piancavallo ski lifts,

a small tourist resort located in northern Italy