Masseria Almadava wedding


MASSERIA ALMADAVA WEDDING – Puglia, one of the world’s most enchanting destinations. This picturesque Italian region offers a unique blend of history, culture, breathtaking landscapes, and, of course, extraordinary cuisine. One of the most picturesque venues for a wedding in Puglia is Masseria Almadava, which hosted the romantic wedding of Marco and Rose, a close-knit couple consisting of an Italian and an Australian. Masseria Almadava represents the old hearth, tranquility, a safe harbor to dock for a few days and savor the slow rhythms of nature and rural life. Completely dressed in white, in contrast to the azure sky and the colors of the Mediterranean scrub. This is the magical place where they celebrated their “I do” and partied under a starry sky, in a garden by the pool, seated at an imperial table that brought together all their family and dearest friends from around the world.


Marco and Rose are a charming couple, Marco, born in Italy, and Rose, originally from Australia. Their desire for an unforgettable wedding led them to Masseria Almadava, an ancient 19th-century farmhouse completely restored in the Puglian countryside, in Polignano a Mare. Almadava is an ancient 19th-century farmhouse completely restored in the Puglian countryside, in Polignano a Mare. Its authenticity and rustic charm perfectly complement the romantic atmosphere that Marco and Rose sought for their big day.

Marco and Rose’s wedding day was truly magical. The ceremony took place outdoors right on the premises, under a blue sky, surrounded by the natural beauty of the Puglian countryside. The reception at Masseria Almadava was an authentic Puglian gastronomic experience. Guests had the opportunity to savor a selection of traditional dishes, prepared with fresh and local ingredients. From Puglian focaccia to Puglian olive oil, each course delighted the senses and told the culinary story of the region.

A long imperial table by the pool, under a canopy of lights among the olive trees, welcomed the toasts and Marco and Rose’s nighttime banquet. After the banquet, guests enjoyed dancing under the stars in the charming outdoor area of Masseria Almadava.