Wedding photographer

I’m a wedding photographer. I love being able to photograph weddings around Italy and around the world.
I live in Puglia, my land.

I love Puglia for its blue skies and white buildings, large wheat fields and centuries-old olive trees. A land rich in traditions and good food. A simple land but rich in history. Here you can always breathe happiness, people are always in a good mood, and are always ready to host. I could never give up on all of this.

I often photograph weddings in Masseria. The Masseria in Puglia have been revalued and there are many that host events such as weddings. The farms are typical Apulian locations, of farms where once they were inhabited by landowners who included in addition to the homes of the farmers, stables, mangers, deposits for crops and rooms for processing the product.
Today they are locations for weddings, destination weddings and elopement. They are often in the farms to tell about these events, but about half of the time they are around Italy and sometimes even abroad.
I have also photographed married couples in the beautiful villas of Tuscany and Lake Como, weddings in the center of Rome, elopement in the Amalfi Coast, Engagment in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Venice.
Each time it was very stimulating and the possibility of always working in different places and always telling about new places, new traditions, new cultures and all this helps my creativity to always create magnificent images.
On this page you will find a small selection of my favorite photographs. There are wedding photographs, engagement photographs, escape photographs, honeymoon photographs.



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